About Us

About Us

We are a young and vibrant company looking to serve the needs of the collectible community. Our team members have been gamers and collectors all their lives. We are strong believers in continuous improvement and are always looking to bring new innovations to this industry.

We are strong believers in that the future is in the virtual world aka the metaverse. Currently, you can only display your collectibles in the physical world. We want to bring your collectibles to the metaverse. We will create digital versions of your collectibles that you can display in the metaverse.


Why an NFT of a Collectible?

  • A non-fungable token or NFT of a Collectible is the digital copy of the collectible stored (ie. Minted) on a blockchain. The blockchain is a digital ledger that provides a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership of that NFT.
  • As the world moves into the metaverse, you can’t bring your physical collectible with you. Our solution is to create a 3D digital copy of your collectible. These NFT collections can be displayed in the metaverse just like in the physical world.


  • As an added form of security, we create a non-fungable token (NFT) of your graded product to ensure that you are the only person in the world that owns both the physical and the digital copy of your collectible.
  • The NFT token ID will be listed on our website to prevent fraudulent duplicates. To confirm the legitimacy of the collectible, just scan the QR code on your collectible’s security sticker and it will lead you to the relevant collectible’s confirmation page on our website.

Sample Collection

NFT video

Why venture into grading?

Why venture into grading?

We feel that there is opportunity for us to utilize our vast experience to do it right. There are a few players in this industry but we feel that they are not doing it right. Common complaints are:

  • High grading costs
  • Slow turnaround times
  • Not aesthetically pleasing cases that are not truly transparent, bulky or ugly.
  • Inconsistent, biased, and subjective grading.
  • Bad customer service 

We aim to overcome all these shortcomings by providing quality services at an affordable price. Our team is highly responsive and can be contacted directly here or on all our social media channels.

Our grading report can help to unlock value for our customers by documenting and locking in the collectible’s condition.

We believe that these collectibles hold precious memories for many players. Many spend the best days of their lives playing video games. We believe that these memories need to be protected and cared for.

What We Do

What We Do

We preserve and enhance the value of your games by encapsuling the game in a crystal clear highly grade acrylic case that also comes with UV protection to prevent UV damage. Our cases are well-designed, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing.

We use only high-quality grading labels to ensure that they do not fade over time. We will also provide detailed grading reports on the game’s overall condition Our lockdown seal prevents anyone from opening our cases without clear signs of tampering to safeguard the value and accuracy of our grading report.


Mathew Steven


Aamir Khan

Web Developer


Supply Chain



- The Founder of the Old School Game Vault, the top gaming collectable store on eBay
- With millions in sales, more than 50,000 positive reviews
- More than 30 years of experience in the gaming collectables industry.
- A respected and influential pioneer in the collectible industry.
- Frequently approached by the major grading companies for his deep knowledge base

Brother San

Head of Japan Branch

- Decades of experience in the Japanese gaming collectables industry.





We are a young vibrant company looking to serve the needs of the collectible community. Our team have been gamers and collectors all our lives. Our team has been in the gaming industry for the last 25 years.