Good News!

Are you tired of wasting time and money opening booster packs only to discover you didn’t get the cards that you want? Are you tired of the turnaround time as you wait for your cards to be graded and shipped back to you? Do you want to spend less money on shipping? From the delivery […]

Submission Instructions For Grading

Submission Instructions   In order to submit items for grading, you must completely fill out a submission form online which will be converted into an invoice for your items. The submission form is designed to help you calculate the grading costs for your items, as well as to provide a record of the items you’ve […]

One piece card game Asia Championship

We are proud to be a sponsor of the one piece card game Asia Championship held in Singapore                                              

2nd Generation Case

2nd Generation Case Due to customer feedback, we have decided to revamp our cases, our cases now do not require a security label as we take HD pictures of each graded collectible. Scan the QR on the label to see the images. If you require further verification, you can convert the graded collectible into an […]

AI Grading

In order to address the overwhelming demand and to remove the human bias and inconsistency in grading, we have decided to build our very own AI Grading System.   The system is currently in development and will be ready in Q1 2023   The above image is the beta version of it.

Coming soon

AI grading – 2023 Population Chart – 2023 Metaverse – 2023 – 2024 VR Grading coming soon. 2024


We are so grateful and thankful for all the support from the community. Since launch, we have had more than 1,000 orders.

Change in label

We have changed from a sticker label to a high-end card label