Submission Instructions


In order to submit items for grading, you must completely fill out a submission form online which will be converted into an invoice for your items. The submission form is designed to help you calculate the grading costs for your items, as well as to provide a record of the items you’ve submitted.


Please note that at our own discretion, we may decide that the certain items with odd shaped, certain types of hardcopies and certain other fragile items may not be eligible for grading. We will inform you of our decision and ship the item back to you.


Please follow the instructions below to prepare your items for shipment to us.


Step 1 – You need to register for a free Esports grading account. Login to your Esports grading account at our website to use our online submission form.  Our online submission form will provide directions as you complete each step and will automatically calculate all grading, return shipping, and insurance costs (if required).


Step 2 – After you have received confirmation of your order in your email. Print out your invoice and follow the packaging guidelines below to properly prepare your items for shipment to us.


Packaging Guidelines


Step 1 – For the protection of your items, you may want to place each item depending on the size in a protective flexible pouch or other protective wrap. The protective wrapping you choose must be sturdy enough to allow us to remove the item safely.


We advise against submitting items in top loaders, hard acrylic cases or screw down holders. Submissions received in these types of cases will experience delays in processing and the cases will not be returned with your submission.


Step 2 – When packaging the items for shipment, please make sure to place the items in the same order they are listed on your invoice. Items not submitted in the correct order may result in a 5% service charge on your order and longer processing time.


Step 3 – Depending on its size, separate all your items between two slightly larger pieces of cardboard. Hold the package together with rubber bands or packing tape. The rubber bands or tape should be just tight enough to hold the cardboard pieces together and prevent the items from falling out.


CAUTION: If packed too tightly, the items inside may get damaged.


Step 4 – Protect the items with packing material such as bubble wrap or other shipping/packing material.


Note: Do not place labels, stickers, or write on the outside the packaging. Please be advised that we will remove it for processing purposes.


Step 5 – Pack the items in a sturdy cardboard box along with your Online Submission invoice confirmation. If using Styrofoam pellets to pack the items, please be sure the items are kept together in some manner, so they are not scattered about the box when it is opened. Make sure that they are not packed too tightly. This may cause damage if mishandled by the mail carrier. Use packing tape to completely seal the outside of the box.


You’re done! Your item will be returned within our grading timeline.

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